• Welcome to the AEP San Francisco Bay Area ChapterAEP SF

    Welcome to the AEP San Francisco Bay Area ChapterAEP SF

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Greetings Chapter Members!

The SF Bay Area Chapter is excited to kick off a new year.  I would like to thank all departing board members, whose service to the chapter has been greatly appreciated by all. Special thanks to Christina Hirt, Student Outreach Director; Ashley James, Membership Director; Kristi Black, VP-Programs SF; and Stephanie Tavares-Buhler, Student Scholarship Coordinator. I would also like to welcome the new board members for 2018. Haley Cahill, Membership Director, and Caitlin Chase, VP of Programs for SF.

The board’s goal for 2017 was to focus on giving back to our members. I am happy to say that we accomplished this goal. The Chapter successfully held the state conference and put on many events for our membership. Our Draft 2018 budget will follow the path set in 2017. The budget will include some adjustments to reflect new programs and events, including a membership appreciation event in the summer. Chapter Board Members are hard at work planning exciting new events for the year.

Other key initiatives for the coming year include expanding the number of student chapters, increasing events, and broadening outreach. Keep an eye out as we rollout these initiatives. Together we will continue the development of the environmental profession in the Bay Area.

Cheers to 2018!
Jonathan Hidalgo
President, AEP SF Bay Area Chapter
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Updated Jan. 21, 2018