• Welcome to the AEP San Francisco Bay Area ChapterAEP SF

    Welcome to the AEP San Francisco Bay Area ChapterAEP SF

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The Superior and San Francisco Bay Area Chapters held the Northern California Conference at the Gaia Hotel and Spa in Anderson, California.  For years, the Chapters have been considering ways to better reach out to AEP members in the northern, more rural reaches of California that are a part of our chapter areas.  While the CEQA workshops in Eureka, California have always been an excellent way to support our members along the coast, we felt that something more was needed.

The Northern California Conference was the solution we were looking for.  Not only did it offer AEP members in the area valuable training, holding a two-day conference made it worth their while to travel to the event and network with other AEP members.  Over 100 people attended the conference, making it a resounding success!

The Northern California Conference featured events focused on the needs of our under-served members in central Northern California:

  • Basic and advanced California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) training.
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) training.
  • Tribal involvement overview for CEQA and NEPA practitioners.
  • Panel discussions of local interest: Surface Mining and Reclamation Act (SMARA) overview and the environmental impacts of marijuana cultivation in northern California.
  • The Future of CEQA Panel
  • Networking with other local agency representatives and practitioners.

What made this event stand out from our other Chapter learning events was that we focused on our members in northern California in a way that we have not had an opportunity to do so before.  We look forward to working with the Superior Chapter again in 2016 to hold another Northern California Conference!

AEP 2014 Northern California Conference