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Become A Member

The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter is pleased to invite members and non-members to our informational programs. We are seeking speakers for programs on any topics that may be of interest to our membership. If you are interested in speaking, please address an email to one of the contacts below by emailing aep.sfbayarea@gmail.com.

  • Vice President of Programs, East Bay: Josh Carman (PlaceWorks)
  • Vice President of Programs, North Coast: Bob Brown (SHN Engineers & Geologists)
  • Vice President of Programs, North Bay: Greg Sproull (WRA, Inc.)
  • Vice President of Programs, San Francisco: Caitlin Schroeder (Stantec)

SF Chapter Social Events
The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter aims to create interesting and fun social events for members and non-members. We are seeking ideas for social events that may be of interest to our membership. If you have any suggestions, please contact the aforementioned program vice presidents. See the events page for details on upcoming events.

SF Chapter Board Meetings
The Board Members meet on the third Tuesday of every month. Quarterly (January, April, July and October) the board meets in person from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The board convenes via phone conferencing the remaining months between 12 and 1 p.m. All members are welcome to attend, but please RSVP by emailing us at aep.sfbayarea@gmail.com. For the minutes of past Board meetings, please email us at aep.sfbayarea@gmail.com.

CEQA Workshops
The California AEP sponsors a series of annual workshops across California about the California Environmental Quality Act. To sign up and read more details about the CEQA Workshops offered in the whole State of California, visit the California AEP Web Site, or call (760) 799-2740. Workshops will qualify for AICP credits. Group and student discounts are offered.

Other Workshops
The California AEP also conducts workshops across California dealing with current topics of interest to environmental professionals. Recent topics have included Climate Change, Mitigation Monitoring, and Water Supply and Planning. Visit the California AEP Web Site, and other AEP Chapters, for information on upcoming workshops.

California State AEP Annual Conference
California AEP hosts an annual conference, with the location rotating between the chapters each year. Please visit the California AEP Conference page for details on the next statewide conference.

AEP supports Zero Waste
We encourage our guests to take public transit, carpool, and bring their own coffee mugs/thermoses and water bottles to all our meetings, social events, CEQA workshops.

Updated: March 16, 2020